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Refraktometer For Øl 0 – 18 ° Plato.

Refraktometer For Øl 0 – 18 ° Plato.

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Refractometers are optical precision instruments that determine density on the basis of the refractive index of a liquid. Accurate yet simple to use: just place a few drops of liquid on the prism, and immediately read off the density. BROUWLAND is now offering a range of reliable and accurate metal refractometers at very competitive prices. The refractometers have a very clear prism and clear scale division. They are supplied with box, screwdriver for easy calibration, pipette and instructions for use. Refractometer BEER 0 – 18° Plato with ATC: * Model specially for beer brewers. * Ideal for checking your wort during reducing, as well as monitoring the rinsing of the brewers’ grain. * Scale 0 – 18°, per 0.1°. * With automatic temperature correction between 10 and 30°C.


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